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Let go

Two hands connected through a thread

Break my heart

I’m standing strong

Let me go

Cause I’m no harm

Burn my thoughts

Out of your arms

For I am no longer the one you know

Now I wont be begging you anymore

Why don’t you just leave me alone ?

Pulling me here

Pushing me there

Yet I’m the one you stare

No matter you just want to be elsewhere

Just let me go

Why do you have to be so slow

I don’t want to go any low

So I close every door

That leads you to my home

So you know

There’s no me holding you close

Maybe nows the time to finally let go.

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Art by pride_nyasha
Found this amazing art I’m still mesmerized.
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Whispers from the dead💀

Hands shaking, legs trembling,

The soul is slipping out of my grasp.

While holding on to it any longer,

Turns to a tremendous task .

Fears of all kinds,

Playing on my mind.

That the words what truly matter,

Turns into mere whispers,

Heard by the dead in the middle of the night.

All the strengths being sucked out,

Leaving nothing.

Just some bones and flesh.

Can’t hold on any longer,

Afraid to even take some rest.

While letting go is not the option,

Soon I know,

I would only collapse.

Which is replaced by scattered ash.

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Frozen visions

Thumping of hooves , beat the frozen ground

Faster and faster as the rider whipped the horses around.

Snow and soil lay thick on the earth.

While rogue snowflakes drifted through the night sky.

She ran farther and farther away,

Than her frail legs could manage.

Breaking through every wild foliage,

Passing splotches of shadows and light play on the path.

She scrambled and screamed through,

As she reached a fall.

Behind her , a shriek was heard

A sword was drawn from its sheath

She swore it shone bright as the sun

In the moonlight of the night

Decorated with crimson droplets,

Across its iron blade.

She fell, slamming into mud and rock .

All she heard was sound of the approaching demon .

its stench filling the air .

Before she went into a syncope .

A snowflakes night sky in Kashmir  clicked in the year 2018
The night sky through the window ……. Kashmir ❄

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A walk down the road..

When I see him go down the same road.

Which I take every day.

Looks like he’s come straight out of a book,

From my alphabetically arranged pile.

Never cared to see around for any details,

Even hinting a smile.

Which makes me wonder what dark secrets he’s got to hide.

In those intense brown eyes.

Every day, I watch him strolling by.

His tanned copper skin complimenting every color he wore.

mannequin walking on the road,

A catch for every eye.

He walked to a beat of his own,

which I payed little heed before,

To my surprise, for today,

I see him all in black with rolled-up sleeves.

Suited to a groom in look for a hand.

With a varying range of roses,

All the way, smiling,

A smile that reaches up to his brown eyes.

Now filled with warmth,

Showing all joy…

A sketch of a guy done by me
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Let’s begin.

A new start, a new drama.

That’s going to roll,

Making you question your own.

You’ll find judges of different calibers.

None who’ll lend an ear to you.

Then a hearing will be held,

That will be all against you.

When you’ll know,

The past’s the past,

Nows, the time to forget and forgive.

Begin a new journey,

Find your true calling,

Be your own judge.

Take your stand and move forward.

Now begin….

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Sugar-coated lies

She entered the room made of glass, brought from afar . Wearing a gown dyed to a hue as vibrant as the storm in her moonlight gray eyes . She was watched , admired and spoken of as her crystal embedded cape slid behind her trail. Yet she made contact with none and was bothered by each and every one.

She who was now seated between those who wore their secrets just like glittering diamonds around their flaunting necklines and deep cleavage. Embroidery woven through their lavish tops and wrapped capes. While they smiled at one another with all but just jealousy coating their eyes . Which wasn’t even hidden to their kohl and mascara lines .

Yet with all the yapping and constant laughing all around . She could smell their lies and hyacinth scented perfumes taint the honeyed aroma of sweet cakes and pies . Which were served with glasses of spiced wine .

As toasts were made to the night , she left on a journey with divine morals of life .

A aesthetic picture of Cakes and cocktails in a party .

A little write up …. hope yaa like it …😚😍