Call of the Sea…..

Once again I hear it, the call… The call of the Sea . The day is bleak and cold . It is where I find comfort for my beaten soul . As I stroll along the shore bare feet , the chilly yet soft sand touches me . With all the freezing water around , I wish for a warm hand to wrap me and forget all my sorrows.

The sound of the roaring sea is soo scary yet a music to me . It makes me wanna explore it more and go along with the flow . See where it wants to take me , an unexplored path or a location without a map . I don’t know where it takes me as I continue my journey , my tears and the pricking pain in my heart are all gone …

As it takes me to a Kingdom unknown . A place where everything is perfect , a world without worries or work . But , is this what I really want ? A world where I do nothing , a world which I can’t change….

This gives me new hope and power to fight my worldly sorrows and live with confidence. Even without a warm hand..

So the call of the Sea has  fallen again upon my heart. It is where I regain my strength for a new start.