A walk down the road..

When I see him go down the same road.

Which I take every day.

Looks like he’s come straight out of a book,

From my alphabetically arranged pile.

Never cared to see around for any details,

Even hinting a smile.

Which makes me wonder what dark secrets he’s got to hide.

In those intense brown eyes.

Every day, I watch him strolling by.

His tanned copper skin complimenting every color he wore.

mannequin walking on the road,

A catch for every eye.

He walked to a beat of his own,

which I payed little heed before,

To my surprise, for today,

I see him all in black with rolled-up sleeves.

Suited to a groom in look for a hand.

With a varying range of roses,

All the way, smiling,

A smile that reaches up to his brown eyes.

Now filled with warmth,

Showing all joy…


Let’s begin.

A new start, a new drama.

That’s going to roll,

Making you question your own.

You’ll find judges of different calibers.

None who’ll lend an ear to you.

Then a hearing will be held,

That will be all against you.

When you’ll know,

The past’s the past,

Nows, the time to forget and forgive.

Begin a new journey,

Find your true calling,

Be your own judge.

Take your stand and move forward.

Now begin….

Sugar-coated lies

She entered the room made of glass, brought from afar . Wearing a gown dyed to a hue as vibrant as the storm in her moonlight gray eyes . She was watched , admired and spoken of as her crystal embedded cape slid behind her trail. Yet she made contact with none and was bothered by each and every one.

She who was now seated between those who wore their secrets just like glittering diamonds around their flaunting necklines and deep cleavage. Embroidery woven through their lavish tops and wrapped capes. While they smiled at one another with all but just jealousy coating their eyes . Which wasn’t even hidden to their kohl and mascara lines .

Yet with all the yapping and constant laughing all around . She could smell their lies and hyacinth scented perfumes taint the honeyed aroma of sweet cakes and pies . Which were served with glasses of spiced wine .

As toasts were made to the night , she left on a journey with divine morals of life .

A little write up …. hope yaa like it …😚😍

Colors of love

Dyed with hues of humor,

Removing any traces of being blue.

An atmosphere meant for every age group.

Was how this festive day to bloom.

Music all pumped up,

Which even made the oldies dance in tune.

That’s how this day moved.

Colors and love made out together,

As every child played with their water balloons.

Such was this day that,

None gave even a slight say,

To the colors sprayed,

On their woven white drapes.

With each color play,

Was a smile on every face.

Happy holi…. 😊😃

Phoenix of your time

Kept inside walls of gold,

Don’t really make you feel like a lord.

Having everything yet feeling like a pauper in a castle,

All that’s around will soon be gone.

It’s you that’s all you’ve got.

Surrounded by crowds,

Still none to wipe your tears away,

While you stay drowning in your own thoughts and sway.

Now is that the crowds seem to fade again.

While you’re left with ashes of your pain.

You who’s going to turn them to a phoenix of your time,

Make every breath, every word count.

Blood oaths, oh so many,

Yet none holding you strong,

Just draining every drop out.

While your emotions held in, locked up, all in a cage.

With a key unknown, up to date.

Light Bearer

Some days, it’s like magic.

That catches the eye.

A sense of attraction,center of attention.

As the full moon in the vast night sky.

All I Wanna Do is fly high.

High as I can .

While there are days,

Days that I just want to hide,

Under dark hoodies,

That reach my eyes.

As lying low is now my style.

Given an option,

I’d stay under sheets or a pile.

Just like the dark cloudy sky,

On a moonless night.

Every inch of Ciel visible tonight.

Where the darkness is covering,

Yet we all know the next night,

We’ll see the moon,

Light bearer to the celestial heaven,

Shining all bright.

Making it alright.

Tales of the herd ✍

A world drawn through dreams ,

And woven with words ,

Yet lies the maker unclear to us .

A bond punctuated by absence ,

And the distance not measured ,

With a maker who’s presence ,

Wandering through tales of the herd.

Two continents ;two cities ; two people ,

And letters ; hundreds of them .

Yet another story to tell ,

A glorious one indeed ,

Over years ; across oceans ;between hearts ,

Is a belief about them .

More to be posted soon 💞😘


As i go into the great abyss of my thoughts ,

I get pulled in deeper and deeper ,

Till I have lost track of time or of the reality I am .

And these memories of my over imaginative personality starts to solidify around me ,

looking so real that I think of them as my actuality ,

and not just mere fantasies playing in my head .

Crazy how often this takes place to make me wonder ,

if I might be suffering of a split personality or some weird mental disease .

But to my suprise I got none .

It’s just me who has a over flowing line of thoughts.

That never tends to stop .

Thoughts that write stories in my head,

thoughts that make me wild and crazy

but weirdly also defines who i am.

And brings sanity to my insane self,

giving me reasons to move on and for standing strong.

Cause its my thoughts with whom,

I’ve had thousands of discussions and maybe fights till date,

And a whole life time more to go.

So let’s just hold on.


She is a queen inside a glass bottle,

Has the power to break it ,

But afraid if she wouldn’t make it ,

And in the process she’s the one hurting in it ,

But yet she gotta smile plastered on her .

Once she was free ,

And hard to be contained by any ,

But now she’s a queen but only as a showcase making all the money.

Got all the pain locked inside her cage ,

And yet the scars shinning like the stars in the sky .

Wearing the best costume is her life ,

None showing whats left inside …


Sometimes you must act like mirrors ,

Reflecting it all back ; that’s shown to you by your so called “ADMIRERS ” ,

Who act like your ” know it all’s ” ,

And got all the worldly time to know your business at all points ,

Never turned into your helping hands ;

but their hands are what’s always pointing at you .

Not all’s to be taken to your heart ,

Especially not those harsh words or comments they’ve told ,

coming from those mouth’s that’s only open for self benefit ,

Or to push down someone’s soul .

Just another chapter to your life ;

just another DREAM ,

That’s gonna be gone when you open your eyes ,

As some were just meant to be dreams ….

Sun kissed dream catcher

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