As i go into the great abyss of my thoughts ,

I get pulled in deeper and deeper ,

Till I have lost track of time or of the reality I am .

And these memories of my over imaginative personality starts to solidify around me ,

looking so real that I think of them as my actuality ,

and not just mere fantasies playing in my head .

Crazy how often this takes place to make me wonder ,

if I might be suffering of a split personality or some weird mental disease .

But to my suprise I got none .

It’s just me who has a over flowing line of thoughts.

That never tends to stop .

Thoughts that write stories in my head,

thoughts that make me wild and crazy

but weirdly also defines who i am.

And brings sanity to my insane self,

giving me reasons to move on and for standing strong.

Cause its my thoughts with whom,

I’ve had thousands of discussions and maybe fights till date,

And a whole life time more to go.

So let’s just hold on.

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Bankers during COVID-19

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Fragile heart of a banker

Lakhs of queries we solve,
Crores of fraudulent cases we deal with,
We are the custodian of your financial needs,
Suggesting you various instruments or investment strategies,
Following up for our family,
No closing then the pressure of losing the job,
Here we are in the essential service providers,
We are the bankers satisfying all your financial needs.

Few months ago, when the virus was advancing and everyone was trying to make a better life for their close ones. Many were endangering their lives by providing essential commodities and services.

The bankers worked as if there was no pandemic. Few banks made a roster. Fewer managers followed it. Every bank had a target to achieve. Every banker had sales pressure. Every banker’s job and health was at risk. During the second wave, the police authorities started getting affected by COVID-19. And the current situation was…

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She is a queen inside a glass bottle,

Has the power to break it ,

But afraid if she wouldn’t make it ,

And in the process she’s the one hurting in it ,

But yet she gotta smile plastered on her .

Once she was free ,

And hard to be contained by any ,

But now she’s a queen but only as a showcase making all the money.

Got all the pain locked inside her cage ,

And yet the scars shinning like the stars in the sky .

Wearing the best costume is her life ,

None showing whats left inside …


Sometimes you must act like mirrors ,

Reflecting it all back ; that’s shown to you by your so called “ADMIRERS ” ,

Who act like your ” know it all’s ” ,

And got all the worldly time to know your business at all points ,

Never turned into your helping hands ;

but their hands are what’s always pointing at you .

Not all’s to be taken to your heart ,

Especially not those harsh words or comments they’ve told ,

coming from those mouth’s that’s only open for self benefit ,

Or to push down someone’s soul .

Just another chapter to your life ;

just another DREAM ,

That’s gonna be gone when you open your eyes ,

As some were just meant to be dreams ….

Priority 💞

Being desired and being in someone’s priority list is what mostly we strive for that we forget to keep us as the top priority in our lives . Giving ourselves up completely trying to build and support someone who doesn’t understand our worth . Yet we keep trying to bring positivity into their lives who only end up giving up on us without any thought . In process of finding their worth we forget our own . Smiles are beautiful but making people smile and loosing your own twinkle in that process is totally unfair on yourself. Darling life’s already unfair on us all; so you don’t need to make it more difficult by being unfair on yourself . We tend changing our personalities , appearance and attitude according to someone’s choices who we want in our lives and we want to be important to them. But we forget that after a certain time we will get tired of giving so much and getting the opposite . So just be yourself and love yourself first then people will tend to love you automatically …❤️❤️

Not a day goes by

In this town so unfriendly

And the sea oh so deadly,

I stand thinking of you ,

You who’s no longer to be found,

It’s been not one , not two but four years,

And yet I stand here

Thinking of you’d come.

Deep down I know this all is naive,

But someone explain this to my mundane heart,

That beats only for your name,

And brings me here where you’d be when blue,

A place that’s darker than my humour,

Darker than my soul,

And so I find peace in this shore.

Even though I try to go away,

I get pulled back here.

Every year , everyday is just the same.

Not a day goes by that I don’t stand here..

Not a day without the thought of you,

Without your name on my lips

And the thought of your skin.

It’s all that makes my heart beat ….

Stars ✨

If you’re given darkness you’ll be gifted with stars

Stars that not just brighten the darkness

But that will enlighten your soul

Showing your true essence

That will lighten your path

A path where you will never find darkness

And if you do you will be guided by the shining stars above

Every star carries a part of you that knows you

And will always be for you and make you shine

Stars will take all your sorrows away

Making you smile brighter than your star above

We are nothing but stardust , finding it’s way back to the stars 🌟

Embrace Me

I want you to strip me completely

Every inch of me wants to be revealed to you

Remove all these coverings

These don’t hold beauty

So just strip me

See all that’s under is what that mater’s

That’s who really I am

Make me come to you

This is exactly what I want

And I have been waiting for

Take me all in

Bare and embrace Me

Hold me tight in those arms and comfort me

All I want is you to see me whole

The one no one’s seen and embrace this me


A time when my decisions weren’t all mine,             
The days when I always wished upon to  change what’s mine,
And now when I finally have what’s always been my dream ,
I’m afraid to take the step and see what’s destined for me ,
I know this is what I have always wanted But what if I mess up ,
I can’t find the courage to face them
And once more I wish upon to have that  time back ,
A time when my decisions weren’t all mine ,
I don’t know if my decisions are just right ,
I don’t know where I’ll end up next time ,
I just want that time back , A time when my decisions weren’t all mine …

A short poem ….🖤🖤🖤

As the mask fades away!!

As the exhaustion seduces my body and the tiredness kisses me goodnight . I enter into a dome of eternal peace . A dome that’s made to believe that I can still the person I always wanted to be . Where I can discover myself in it’s true form . That part that’s actually dominant but dormant to the world . Like the writer without an identity . It stays inside bringing new hope and light inside me , giving me strength to move on and stand with confidence . So here I’m free .

I just want this to never end because here I’m just myself not an actress trying to put up a face that pleases the audience . Here I’m not trying hard to fit in this cliché world . Here there is no one to impress but myself . Here all my masks fade away revealing the actual face which is judged criticized and mocked in this mundane world .

But as I lie on the bed still asleep with all the stinging memories and people just fade away . Leaving vacant spaces for me to live another day and try hard to come back with lovely momentous that can be cherished forever .

And at last as I start becoming one with myself this petite bubble of mine begins to disappear as it is time for me to start my voyage of life again . It hurts to leave this all behind and go back , but I’m ready with all the light and confidence to shine and reveal myself . It won’t be the complete me but atlest it’s a beginning . And I know at a point I shall break and shatter into pieces but my soul shall always be there to collect me and put me back together . It will always be my support to stand again . And this brings ample amount of peace to my beaten self that I love …….. I love myself ……

“I’m the one I should love in this world , Shinning me , precious soul of mine , Not so perfect but so beautiful , I’m the one I should love ….” ~Epiphany (Jin BTS )

Remove Ur mask n reveal Ur true self…💜💜