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Song of the Wind

Mellow magic in the air

Vanishing every trace of despair

Enveloping me in Mother’s care

That’s how I felt curled up

Sleeping on my bed

With traces of scents

Holding me faraway

From any drop of worry that came

Was a rhyme , that made me melt in pain

Bringing in all sea and rain

While my heart yet again

Stays all in vain

And as the storm fades

With the magic in the air

I sleep like a baby in the cradle

Listening to the winds

That once sang my name


I'm just a mundane writing about what she feels... And exposing all Ya deep dark secrets that you won't tell anyone .Ok I'mkidding ...Chill...πŸ’€πŸ–€ poetry journal πŸ–€... Be a poem

6 thoughts on “Song of the Wind

  1. I can almost hear the wind and feel myself slipping from consciousness as the howling fades and the house settles around me.

    Thank you for sharing this poetry. 😊

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