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I have spent thousands of sleepless nights not in memories or fantasies about my long lost lover or of those fanfics I read in a while but cause of the minor mistakes made in life . That came all together as a blunder . A blunder that made me loose my own worth and my whole confidence down in the drain. And when I thought I had my close ones, who would never loose faith and hold me tight when I’m about to fall . To my surprise , a little earthquake shacked every foundation that was made and brought us to a point of hate . Rather than holding hands and giving strength , I was made to crumble and fall . Didn’t know what was for me ahead but it’s for sure , the ones I had all along are all gone .

But still I had a bit of hope that maybe after the quake’s gone there will be the ground still all strong, to make me all same again , to fight back every little problem ahead.


I'm just a mundane writing about what she feels... And exposing all Ya deep dark secrets that you won't tell anyone .Ok I'mkidding ...Chill...💀🖤 poetry journal 🖤... Be a poem

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