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A night indeed

Hiding from the eyes of the seekers

We rode through the night

Making it all worth the while .

Rains came pouring

But we would not stop

OHH the view was all so great

And the moment was made

Two bodies , two souls

Dancing in the pouring rain

With their own beat

Winds clashing , clothes falling

Yet no fear of the vain

Just pleasure and love was made

No stopping , no going back just deep throbbing

With your name

While screams were heard

Full of lust and desires

As we got our pace

We took off to our game

Altogether it was a party

Of two , enjoying

Chocolates and moans together

Made our day .

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Time has its ways

Time heals any pain

Can even reveal a face

Which may cause the pain

But time has the power

To heal it all away

Can even distinguish

A crook in disguise with a look

Or may it be a mate of a time

That may blind your eye

Hiding the true face

Behind the fake

Leaving even without any trace

Time has its way

To wash it all away

from a place where it came

Time makes its own ways

Making place for hope

As it moves on.

Without any say

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I have spent thousands of sleepless nights not in memories or fantasies about my long lost lover or of those fanfics I read in a while but cause of the minor mistakes made in life . That came all together as a blunder . A blunder that made me loose my own worth and my whole confidence down in the drain. And when I thought I had my close ones, who would never loose faith and hold me tight when I’m about to fall . To my surprise , a little earthquake shacked every foundation that was made and brought us to a point of hate . Rather than holding hands and giving strength , I was made to crumble and fall . Didn’t know what was for me ahead but it’s for sure , the ones I had all along are all gone .

But still I had a bit of hope that maybe after the quake’s gone there will be the ground still all strong, to make me all same again , to fight back every little problem ahead.

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Happy teacher’s day 💖

Being a teacher is not about all the knowledge
But also to have a heart and a soul to inspire loads
To obtain that abundance and turn it to a source for the minds of every student’s like
A teacher is the one who grooms a child to know their career in its course their life
Every teacher has a different methodology to groom a child
To make them see the abundance in life and in its learnings
No writings can truly express the important role of a teacher
A creation which is a boon in every students life

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I have been waiting for a miracle

A secret it is

A lovely little gift it is

Affair it is only for me

I have been waiting for a miracle

For a long long time

Every breath loosing it

Every night dreaming it

Every day believing it

Every year missing it

A miracle is all I wish for

With a sway of a wand and a whip -ti-whap-ti-whoop

everything’s back to me

Just like it should have been

All my sorrows, all my thoughts, all in a snap

Gone away, far away

If only it was that simple

But it hits me hard, like a hurricane of emotions

Makes me loose all that was once in my control

A miracle is all that can help

To change what’s now all wrong

make it all right.

A girl with a magic wand aesthetic
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Tri color

The tricolor pride of our nation

Swaying high in the bright sky

Bringing joy and honor in every Indian child

The glorious colors saffron, white and green

Filling every horizon

Making each and everyone smile

As they sing our National Anthem

With proud smiles

That made every eye look high at the sky

Watching our flag free ,dancing

To the wind of the times

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Born free

You clipped my wings

But i have my two feet and a soul

That was born free

That takes me along along a path

Which no one ever had foretold

A path filled with thorns and all hideous things

From a kin called mankind

Yet my mind , a place

Full of hate and a bit of kind

Held me strong despite

Every fall or every wound that made me cry

I stood back up with all my might

Because I was born free

Without my wings

I would still move like the wind

Souring each sky

That my soul could reach

Because i am born free.

YOu clipped my wings but i am born free
You clipped my wings but I am born free
Yayy…. 💯💯