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I have spent thousands of sleepless nights not in memories or fantasies about my long lost lover or of those fanfics I read in a while but cause of the minor mistakes made in life . That came all together as a blunder . A blunder that made me loose my own worth and my whole confidence down in the drain. And when I thought I had my close ones, who would never loose faith and hold me tight when I’m about to fall . To my surprise , a little earthquake shacked every foundation that was made and brought us to a point of hate . Rather than holding hands and giving strength , I was made to crumble and fall . Didn’t know what was for me ahead but it’s for sure , the ones I had all along are all gone .

But still I had a bit of hope that maybe after the quake’s gone there will be the ground still all strong, to make me all same again , to fight back every little problem ahead.

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Happy teacher’s day 💖

Being a teacher is not about all the knowledge
But also to have a heart and a soul to inspire loads
To obtain that abundance and turn it to a source for the minds of every student’s like
A teacher is the one who grooms a child to know their career in its course their life
Every teacher has a different methodology to groom a child
To make them see the abundance in life and in its learnings
No writings can truly express the important role of a teacher
A creation which is a boon in every students life

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I have been waiting for a miracle

A secret it is

A lovely little gift it is

Affair it is only for me

I have been waiting for a miracle

For a long long time

Every breath loosing it

Every night dreaming it

Every day believing it

Every year missing it

A miracle is all I wish for

With a sway of a wand and a whip -ti-whap-ti-whoop

everything’s back to me

Just like it should have been

All my sorrows, all my thoughts, all in a snap

Gone away, far away

If only it was that simple

But it hits me hard, like a hurricane of emotions

Makes me loose all that was once in my control

A miracle is all that can help

To change what’s now all wrong

make it all right.

A girl with a magic wand aesthetic
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Tri color

The tricolor pride of our nation

Swaying high in the bright sky

Bringing joy and honor in every Indian child

The glorious colors saffron, white and green

Filling every horizon

Making each and everyone smile

As they sing our National Anthem

With proud smiles

That made every eye look high at the sky

Watching our flag free ,dancing

To the wind of the times

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Whispers from the dead💀

Hands shaking, legs trembling,

The soul is slipping out of my grasp.

While holding on to it any longer,

Turns to a tremendous task .

Fears of all kinds,

Playing on my mind.

That the words what truly matter,

Turns into mere whispers,

Heard by the dead in the middle of the night.

All the strengths being sucked out,

Leaving nothing.

Just some bones and flesh.

Can’t hold on any longer,

Afraid to even take some rest.

While letting go is not the option,

Soon I know,

I would only collapse.

Which is replaced by scattered ash.

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Sugar-coated lies

She entered the room made of glass, brought from afar . Wearing a gown dyed to a hue as vibrant as the storm in her moonlight gray eyes . She was watched , admired and spoken of as her crystal embedded cape slid behind her trail. Yet she made contact with none and was bothered by each and every one.

She who was now seated between those who wore their secrets just like glittering diamonds around their flaunting necklines and deep cleavage. Embroidery woven through their lavish tops and wrapped capes. While they smiled at one another with all but just jealousy coating their eyes . Which wasn’t even hidden to their kohl and mascara lines .

Yet with all the yapping and constant laughing all around . She could smell their lies and hyacinth scented perfumes taint the honeyed aroma of sweet cakes and pies . Which were served with glasses of spiced wine .

As toasts were made to the night , she left on a journey with divine morals of life .

A aesthetic picture of Cakes and cocktails in a party .

A little write up …. hope yaa like it …😚😍

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Priority 💞

Being desired and being in someone’s priority list is what mostly we strive for that we forget to keep us as the top priority in our lives . Giving ourselves up completely trying to build and support someone who doesn’t understand our worth . Yet we keep trying to bring positivity into their lives who only end up giving up on us without any thought .

In process of finding their worth we forget our own . Smiles are beautiful but making people smile and loosing your own twinkle in that process is totally unfair on yourself.

Darling life’s already unfair on us all; so you don’t need to make it more difficult by being unfair on yourself . We tend changing our personalities , appearance and attitude according to someone’s choices who we want in our lives and we want to be important to them. But we forget that after a certain time we will get tired of giving so much and getting the opposite .

So just be yourself and love yourself first then people will tend to love you automatically …❤️❤️

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As the mask fades away!!

As the exhaustion seduces my body and the tiredness kisses me goodnight . I enter into a dome of eternal peace . A dome that’s made to believe that I can still the person I always wanted to be . Where I can discover myself in it’s true form . That part that’s actually dominant but dormant to the world . Like the writer without an identity . It stays inside bringing new hope and light inside me , giving me strength to move on and stand with confidence . So here I’m free .

I just want this to never end because here I’m just myself not an actress trying to put up a face that pleases the audience . Here I’m not trying hard to fit in this cliché world . Here there is no one to impress but myself . Here all my masks fade away revealing the actual face which is judged criticized and mocked in this mundane world .

But as I lie on the bed still asleep with all the stinging memories and people just fade away . Leaving vacant spaces for me to live another day and try hard to come back with lovely momentous that can be cherished forever .

And at last as I start becoming one with myself this petite bubble of mine begins to disappear as it is time for me to start my voyage of life again . It hurts to leave this all behind and go back , but I’m ready with all the light and confidence to shine and reveal myself . It won’t be the complete me but atlest it’s a beginning . And I know at a point I shall break and shatter into pieces but my soul shall always be there to collect me and put me back together . It will always be my support to stand again . And this brings ample amount of peace to my beaten self that I love …….. I love myself ……

“I’m the one I should love in this world , Shinning me , precious soul of mine , Not so perfect but so beautiful , I’m the one I should love ….” ~Epiphany (Jin BTS )

Fake love by bts
Remove Ur mask n reveal Ur true self…💜💜
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Call of the Sea : A little tale

Once again I hear it, the call… The call of the Sea . The day is bleak and cold . It is where I find comfort for my beaten soul . As I stroll along the shore bare feet , the chilly yet soft sand touches me . With all the freezing water around , I wish for a warm hand to wrap me and forget all my sorrows.

The sound of the roaring sea is soo scary yet a music to me . It makes me wanna explore it more and go along with the flow . See where it wants to take me , an unexplored path or a location without a map . I don’t know where it takes me as I continue my journey , my tears and the pricking pain in my heart are all gone …

As it takes me to a Kingdom unknown . A place where everything is perfect , a world without worries or work . But , is this what I really want ? A world where I do nothing , a world which I can’t change….

This gives me new hope and power to fight my worldly sorrows and live with confidence. Even without a warm hand..

So the call of the Sea has fallen again upon my heart. It is where I regain my strength for a new start.