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Dark aesthetic door photography
Dark Door

Locked inside the walls of your head

Built at a height , higher than any heaven went

A truth hidden, way deep inside you

A secret buried from a world ancient and unknown

An answer to the question you are still to know

All locked behind doors

Which has its keys vanished

A long time ago

Before you even heard a plea through its unfeatured poem

Locked remains those doors without even a claim to call its own

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Song of the Wind

Mellow magic in the air

Vanishing every trace of despair

Enveloping me in Mother’s care

That’s how I felt curled up

Sleeping on my bed

With traces of scents

Holding me faraway

From any drop of worry that came

Was a rhyme , that made me melt in pain

Bringing in all sea and rain

While my heart yet again

Stays all in vain

And as the storm fades

With the magic in the air

I sleep like a baby in the cradle

Listening to the winds

That once sang my name

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Let go

Two hands connected through a thread

Break my heart

I’m standing strong

Let me go

Cause I’m no harm

Burn my thoughts

Out of your arms

For I am no longer the one you know

Now I wont be begging you anymore

Why don’t you just leave me alone ?

Pulling me here

Pushing me there

Yet I’m the one you stare

No matter you just want to be elsewhere

Just let me go

Why do you have to be so slow

I don’t want to go any low

So I close every door

That leads you to my home

So you know

There’s no me holding you close

Maybe nows the time to finally let go.

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Art by pride_nyasha
Found this amazing art I’m still mesmerized.
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Whispers from the deadπŸ’€

Hands shaking, legs trembling,

The soul is slipping out of my grasp.

While holding on to it any longer,

Turns to a tremendous task .

Fears of all kinds,

Playing on my mind.

That the words what truly matter,

Turns into mere whispers,

Heard by the dead in the middle of the night.

All the strengths being sucked out,

Leaving nothing.

Just some bones and flesh.

Can’t hold on any longer,

Afraid to even take some rest.

While letting go is not the option,

Soon I know,

I would only collapse.

Which is replaced by scattered ash.

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